Holiday in Paris

This week we were heading to Paris. It was the first time for me and my girlfriend there and we were simply stunned by this beautiful city. This being said, there was no way but making one or two fotos. Of course starting with the mighty Eiffel Tower - it really is bigger than one might think.

There are unlimited views and angles to be explored and captured. Here are some I found along the way.

View from Pont Neuf - Paris oldest stonebridge.

But the Tour Eiffel is only one of many, many things that are worth taking a closer look at. For me as a student of architecture the following was quite an interesting experience to see:

In camera multiexposure from Centre Georges Pompidou

Staying on the topic of art, here is a place you most certainly heard of.

Paris is also known as the "City of Lights" - for a good reason. Of course this counts for the sparkling Eiffel Tower at every full hour but it is even more true in moments like these where you can almost feel the soul of old Paris:

There are countless opportunities to experience Paris. We only had three full days but saw quite a lot. As David Hobby puts it "it is one, if not the, walkablest city in the world. So you better pack your best walkingshoes and see it for yourself".

And if you like to make photos I can strongly recommend David Hobbys photographer guide "The Traveling Photographer: Paris" to watch first. There you get all the information needed to make the most out of your stay.